Duck, Duck, Goose – (PHL)

We met, we hugged, we ran suicides… then we bolted across the street from our usual Wednesday morning spot and played like little kids at The Oval. Little kids who like to work up a sweat.

Spontaneity is key, and this morning leadership simply provided guidelines and let the tribe to the work! Each time a new person was “goosed” they got to call the workout; thus creating Squat, Squat, Goose -Plank, Plank, Goose – Push-up, Push-up, Goose – I believe one group was even doing the Macarena at one point! Which was right on point because today was all about having fun!

Thanks for coming out! You all are amazing!

Pete gave The Hard Hat to Yuri today at her very first workout. We don’t know much about Yuri just yet – but we know she’ll be back. She dropped a verbal for next week in front of 200 sweaty folks, and has already begun recruiting others to come with her via the socials! Welcome Yuri and all the newbies who came out today.  Well done!

Don’t forget:

Peep your beautiful selves on ABC 6 tonight between 5:00 – 5:15

We”ll make the plans for you Aug 17th 6:00 p.m.

#NPSUMMIT Sept 12/13

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