Crazy Eights (NYC)

Things got a little crazy today–actually REALLY crazy.  We split Tribe into two groups based on D.O.B. (January to June  and July to December birthday’s).   WHAT? Yeah, we know, crazy!  Everyone started with a plank before being sent into opposite directions around our Grotto Crazy Eight’s course.  Group alternated between 10 dips and a set of lunges at the top of the Grotto.  We did 15 mins before reversing for another 15 mins–I know, CRAY, CRAY!

Mary Arnold “fresh” off her 100-mile monster PR of sub 22 hours handed of the Positivity Award to Emily. Special props for Emily and Leanne  for their huge effort.  Mile 14 at the New York Marathon this November is going to be dishing out some positive vibes, cups o water, and of course SUPER HUGS.  If you want to join them and the 40+ people November Project tribes across the world in Queens on November 2, follow these steps. Deadline is July 31.



FRIDAY: One Penn Plaza, (34th and 8th Ave). Remember to wear your #GrassrootsGear. And wear it LOUD!


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