7 Minutes in Heaven

If we have learned anything over the past few months, it is that Will loves the ramps.  We are not sure if it stems from some fond childhood memory or he has grown into this affinity, but he definitely implemented them today. A warm-up of multiple ramp runs and stair climbs got the group started.  Then, after a quick break, the group was back at the ramps.  Only this time, tackling the ramp doing a bear crawl.  And why the hell not do a bear crawl? Bears are awesome.  Then just when you think you have conquered the ramps and the workout, you get slapped with 7 minutes of heaven (burpees).  To quote Mr. Stuckey from this morning “Pain is weakness leaving the body”, in which case we eliminated a good amount of weakness today.  A great workout to get the Tribe through this Humpday.


The Positivity Award this week goes to Emily Ferris, one of our most regular and dedicated tribe members.  Thank you Emily!

Inspired by Boston’s Monday inclusion of burpees we had a great time today and who knows… maybe this burpee thing will catch on!

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