Happy .5 year Anniversay NPLAX!

It is kind of wild to think how fast our little tribe has grown. Not just physically in numbers but in spirit and pride. When I first pitched NP Los Angeles as a city to pledge to November Project some people thought LA would not eat it up. That there may be too much positivity for one giant city to digest. Oh how we have proved them wrong! I sometimes get real sentimental with these blog posts (my Gram Gram tells me I’m a sensitive dude) because I see so many wonderful changes on a day to day basis not only in your lives but mine included. We are getting faster, we are mentally and physically getting stronger and we’re only bringing more smiles and good feelings to the people of this city. We’ve made new friends who I can honestly call some of my closest pals. Never did I expect to meet such diverse wonderful people have really shaped over these months. Recently I was talking to Angelo about when I had asked him to be a co-leader. I had to preface to him that he would have to become a hugger to be the ultimate leader. What we discovered is that he was actually a closeted hugger! You all know he gives the best, semi creepy, hugs. Dude I’m so happy you made that choice!

For all of you that weren’t there this morning you may be a little confused as to why I’m getting so feely. After the workout today Angelo and I had an ultimate Pay Day. What we thought was going to just be a regular work out day turned into a surprise NP Leader Appreciation Day. Goodies of all sorts were brought to share including awesome cakes (one crafted in the shape of the Bowl). All of you that come and helped make this happen we can’t thank you enough! Today the Positivity Award goes to the entire trip. A.) For proving anarchy is possible by getting everyone together mid work to stop and celebrate and B.) For sharing your time with us every Wednesday, pushing yourselves hard and being the best thing to look forward to within the week. This tribe would not be alive with out YOU!


NP_pledge LA day 1

Day 1 of NP Los Angeles pledge


Day Too many moons to handle.



August 11th we will be having a pop up work out at the bowl. Bring as many people as you can get and we’ll have a little surprise for you.

August 17th: Better than Bedtime. You do not want to miss this! Keep your afternoon free because we will be running to a secret location where we will party through the rest of the day in celebration of NP! Just so you know all 16 other tribes will be going balls to the wall celebrating at the same time.

September 13th: NP SUMMIT at North Face Endurance Challenge.  If you want a real adventure tribes members from all over the country are racing in Madison, Wisconsin. Sign up with NOVPROJ25WI.

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