Grassroots Gear, Capes & Flip Flops (YEG)

I don’t know about you but I am pretty particular about what I wear for a workout. Depending on what the workout is (Monday circuits vs Wednesday stairs vs Friday hills) and the weather forecast, I set out each layer the night before so that I can let myself sleep right to the very last minute, get dressed still half conscious knowing that I’ll be ready to go full force once we start. For the most part, that works for me – I have so many layers most of the time that I am prepared for -10 to +20 almost any morning.

From observing you all arrive in the morning, I can tell many of you are also very intentional about your outfit choices. Grassroots gear is obviously proudly on display every morning but I can also tell that colour is an obvious factor in clothing choices. From dressing in all blue or orange (to celebrate your Dutch heritage) to avoiding pink at all costs or dressing in coordinated purple & yellow outfits (capes included) the tribe’s fashion sense is on par! I love all of the bright color combinations that seem to appear in the summer!! For others, less is more, evidenced by the shorts year-round & shirts optional mentality.

Shoe choice is also interesting – neutral shoes, stability shoes, cushioning shoes, road runners vs trail runners – it is a bit of a shoe expo every NP morning. But today, today was the first day that I ever saw flip flops as the shoe of choice for a stair workout. Yup, a pair of Havaianas made their way up and down Commonwealth Stairs this morning. How does this happen? Well when you are from out of town (Chicago I think it was) and you’re recruited the night before to come to this early morning workout thing and you aren’t travelling with your “tennis shoes” (which, on a side note, is ok because we weren’t going t0 play tennis) you come with what you have and that happened to be flip flops! No Excuses (although I wouldn’t recommend this as a regular practice…your body would probably have something to say about that).

Race Day was as great as ever! Way to push yourself! Make sure you make note of your completion time or the section you made it to in your 30 minutes. Get a mental image of who was around you so that next month you push each other to go a little faster, a little further than this month.


Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM Bounce

Sunday, August 21 – Edmonton Marathon Cheer Station – stay tuned for more details but plan to be there from about 7 am – 10:30am.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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