B is for “Ain’t so Bad” (LAX)

When we first received word that the bowl had had an NP-Proof Force-Feild around it, my heart sank. No more sunrises from the top of the stairs? No more insane patterns of ups and downs? No more beautifully organized photos from a comfortable seated position?


But then I was like, I f*#&ing love the B-Lot. It’s actually an awesome playground of its own with many wonders to behold. Some of our most fun workouts happen in the B-Lot. My mind raced again: Maybe we’ll all get really good at longer distances! Maybe we’ll do more sprinting! Maybe there will be less injuries like twisted ankles and sustained impact stuff from all the stairs! Maybe we’ll all be a little more comfortable with all those big beautiful trees to keep us in the shade!

Maybe our new PR day will be totally fun, totally interactive and totally badass!


I was right about the last one for sure. Our course doubled in length (according to Strava) and there’s probably AT LEAST as much altitude gain if not, 1.5 times as much on the new course. It’s totally hardcore and nearly ALL of your times translated to the new course with minimal differences. That means a few things A. You are all a bunch of hardcore mofos. B. The new course may be the best thing since the old course. C. Like true champions, ain’t nothing going to get in the way of our workouts.

All of that stuff is great. But to me, the best thing about the new course is that it repeats on itself, allowing us all to be there, together. I get more high fives on this new PR course that I do in most other workouts. I love busting up the end of a climb with someone who runs at a different pace than me. I love feeling the encouragement from others who are out there working just as hard as me to show the version of themselves who ran this course last that the new you is even better, unimaginable as that may be.


That’s what this is all about. It’s about teamwork, it’s about pushing as hard as you can and it’s about making each step better than the one before. It’s about challenging yourself to take it just one shave past the last time because the time after this will be one shave better still. It’s about stepping outside of your own goals and seeing someone else pushing the hardest they can and saying, to them, out loud, “I see you and your effort is helping me.” We’re a community and in that word there’s “U” and “I”. (Also “O” for “O, damn, I just lost count of how many laps of the course I’ve done.”)

Do great LA.



NP MIXER – Tonight @ SHOREbar, 8 pm

  • Come get your social on – be sure to carpool, find rides, and PLEASE drink responsibly!

FRIDAY – 6:27 am, Santa Monica Beach

  • Meet at the top of the pier, as seen on the tracker


  • Send any letters you write about how amazing the Hollywood Bowl is to you to novemberprojectlax@gmail.com
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