Post-PRday Prospectives (DCA)

DO NOT be confused by the image above. This is the blog for the District of Columbia.

I just read a recent article in some sort of print media form (it lives) and said article stated 4 ways for continued motivation to work out throughout the summer. Two of these were (1) find group fitness and (B) work out in the morning when it’s not as hot. PRETTY SURE we’ve got that down. So if you’re out there looking for motivation, look no further. IT’S RIGHT HERE!


Other than me losing to Jeff by 8 seconds and then Mark by a minute (I’ve already started training for next month), how did YOU do? Remember your time?? RECORD IT HERE. For now, 5:30 crew gets the better end with no stairs time cutoff but bear with us as we continue to work with NPS.


FRIDAY: MEET HERE (click the link, sign in, then find the location), bring your friends, we’ve NEVER been to this place. See you at 6:29AM on FRIDAY. Did I mention that we’ll see you Friday? This is the announcement for FRIDAY’S location. Hint: It’s the next best thing to the best part of waking up.

Thanks to those that signed up for Coat Check. TJ will be doing some fancy work with an automated email to those that did. As for the rest of you, we’ll have signups for September at the end of August.

Come to workouts and you just might get FREE gear. Who knows when they’ll drop?

Check out this #NPthefilm teaser from DOOSTER.

MONDAY: Back at Meridian Hill Park, NE corner, 6:29AM. We WILL be tagging. Limit yourself to one item.


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