I’ve been accused in the past of having a lot of “passion,” and an “energy [that] is infectious.” Today, I’d like to come clean about something: I fucking HATE early mornings. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I enjoy early mornings when I can get up, do something, and then take a 10am nap. The sleep is real.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • See you Monday. 56th St a few hundred yards north of Camelback. 6am, see you there.
  • Today was PR Day. Log onto the Tracker and record your time. This will allow you to gauge your progress and also give you bragging rights, if that’s your thing.
  • Fuck 4:41am alarms
  • Book your flight to San Francisco, while flights are still silly cheap! Use coupon code NPCA15 for 15% off The North Face Endurance Challenge Series (#ECSCA) race. There are four options to choose from: marathon relay (2- or 4-man), marathon, 50k and 50 miles. And make sure to leave Monday afternoon at the latest; the SF tribe is hosting a Monday workout, and you DO NOT want to miss out.
  • IF YOU ARE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO, fill out info in the Google Doc (here), and check out details in the Cactus Lounge.
  • If you haven’t yet, reach out and say hey to our sister cities, NP Chicago and NP Serbia.


There’s a saying that goes something like, “The hardest race is getting out of bed.” Once you’re on your feet, the rest is easy. This whole Movement is designed such that each and every one of us break out of our little cocoons, sprout wings and fly out the door, and land on the amphitheater steps as the beautiful social butterflies we all know we are, immediately springing into our hugging stance* as quickly as possible. Right?

You may have seen the #riseandgrind video showing various people getting ready for November Project. I’d love to say that’s me, but the truth is that I usually hit the snooze until I finally realize that I need to be at the amphitheater in 15 minutes and oh yeah it’s a 12 minute drive and of course I didn’t pack the night before and who seriously drinks coffee before a workout? Absolutely no coffee touches these lips unless there’s a WC nearby, which is definitely NOT the case at Papago Park, even though there are a few bushes that have done I’m sure would do the trick. So I guess I really do fly out of bed and out the door on Wednesdays.

The thing is, it’s the atmosphere that gets me completely amped to the point that the I barely make sense when I talk. It’s the music I listen to on the drive in (I swear 101.1 the Beat plays only 90s jams from 5-6am knowing how much it pumps me up). But more importantly, it’s the people: the hugs; the laughter; the way the air becomes animated with chatter as people begin to fill the amphitheater, a slow crescendo that culminates in screams of “Fuck Yeah!” that reverberate off the buttes. It’s your energy that’s infectious, not mine.

Fact: Jamil briefly freezes others like they're wearing a Tanooki suit as he flies past them.
Fact: Jamil briefly freezes others like they’re wearing a Tanooki suit as he flies past them.

We ran some stairs today. 15 or 18 flights AFAFP**, in fact. PRs were set, bolo ties were handed out, and we were witness to the smallest human ever to receive the Crushin’ It award. Congratulations, Lila, though I’m still waiting on my hug. We’ll be back at it next week, tagging #grassrootsgear and hugging who were random strangers only moments before.



*The proper hugging stance is described thusly: legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, knees bent, back straight, very slight bend at the waist, ready to drive the hips in during the embrace. Sit back into the stance, keeping your arms and chest wide. Immediately prior to engaging your partner, reach down and tug your shorts up a bit; bare thighs show them you mean business. I prefer to stay left during the hug, with my left arm low and right arm high, but that could be because I’m left-handed and all of you righties had parents who didn’t love you. I may also be describing a two-point football stance.

**As fast as fucking possible

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