This is Your Monthly Awesome Human Report!


This isn’t about BG and Bojan or EmC^2. Or world takeover. This is about the home team. This is about individuals making an impact on the entire tribe.

We get it all the time–“Thanks for doing this!” or “You put in so much time!”

Sure, being a co-leader takes time and energy. But it’s you guys that make this tribe strong. It’s YOU guys that keep the movement MOVING. Without you NP wouldn’t be very much fun at all. We workout–we hug–we build community every week (3x/week if you’re from Edmonton…??). It’s the individuals that make this thing great.

People like Matt Elam

A lot of you don’t know this, but our boy Matt ran a race last weekend that was 100 miles long. Let me say that one more time to make sure it sinks in… a hundred. MILES. LONG. Dafuq?! What is that even–what?!? A hundred miles?! Ok… whatever dude. You know who was out there today? Mr. Matt Elam. Cruising stairs and being an overall badass. He also has lightning bolts shaved into his leg hair.

People like Ryan Komaiko

ALLLL of you know this, but our boy Ryan Komaiko (aka “Friggen Komaikes”, aka The Creator of ‘Komaiko’ing), finished his first Ironman this past weekend. Yes, he’s an idiot. Yes, he finished the race. Yes, he showed up today, and thank friggen Komaikes he didn’t run. Maybe Komaikoing is a good thing sometimes… #beSmartPeople. But he showed up because he knows this is where the community is at, and that he’s an integral part of it.

People like Heather Millar

Heather is “running for two.” She did 25 sections even though she’s 22 weeks pregnant… Ok. Whatever Heather. Makin’ us all look bad. Maybe we’re gonna have our second mid-workout-water-breaking?


People like Andrew Fredrick

I want to make an Andrew Fredrick award. This kid is the real deal. Always helping out. Always making sure people of all speeds, shapes, and sizes have someone in their corner to cheer for them and make sure they feel the love.


All of these people build community and push the entire tribe in more ways then they understand. These people are phenomenal human beings, and our tribe is made up of hundreds of people just like Matt. Just like Komaikes. Just like Heather. These are just a few stories. There are many, many, more. Next time you get the chance, learn someone’s story. The more we do that, the stronger we get as a tribe–and the better this city gets as a product.

IMG_8059 IMG_8225

Much Love,
– C. Payne




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