Don’t Get Blown Away. Or do… (BOS 2.25.19)

60 mph winds are nothing to laugh at. Or they’re exactly what you laugh at…when you think about getting dressed to run through the city, to show up to a workout OUTSIDE where you’ll be attempting to move around, with some kind of speed and agility… in 60 mph winds.

Thankfully this morning wasn’t as cold, real feel temperature, as it could have been. This meant that while the wind was gusty and strong AF, it wasn’t in the below zero range. And the sun was out.

Wait, what? The sun??? Yeah, it’s coming up earlier and earlier these days, and even on these crazy cold & windy days, it actually makes a difference in how it feels out there.

So back to this wind. I was thinking about it as we ran along the Longfellow Bridge this morning. It’s the bridge known locally as the “salt & pepper” bridge, which lent nicely to a “Salt – n – Pepa” inspired bounce by Capozzi and the re-naming of the bridge to Saul – n – Pepa* There we were, sprinting back and forth between the shakers on the bridge, in teams of three, doing wall-sits at one shaker and alternating push-ups and tricep dips at the other shaker. And on more than one occasion, I found myself yelling, “DON’T GET BLOWN AWAY!!”

You know, because I didn’t want to see anyone fly over the edge of the bridge into the mosaic ice of the Charles River this morning.

But as I write this, I realize that while I don’t want anyone to get actually blown away by the wind–to a point of injury or transplantation to Kansas, like Dorothy herself–I think this morning is a good one for people to get blown away, in the very best way possible, by November Project. By daring to be #weatherproof against the wind, in addition to cold, rain, and snow, and by experiencing the fierceness of sprinting face first into the cold, steely wall of wind pushing against you, as well as experiencing the ridiculous, weird fun of rushing to the edge of the sidewalk and busting out “I’M A STAR” jumps each time a Red Line train crossed from Boston to Cambridge and went by us, we have the opportunity to be blown away by how good this is.

Yes, each Monday is different–in a different location in the city, in a different type of spot, which leads to a different workout. This makes it hard for some of us to plan ahead enough to be sure that showing up to Monday workouts is worth it. Maybe it won’t fit well into my training plan…or what if whatever we do at the workout makes me so sore that it impacts the other workouts in my week…or I just don’t want the workout to be ALL running/burpees/pushups/partner stuff. We realize that these challenges are real for people. But we also realize that by facing those challenges like the tribe faced the wind this morning–boldly running hard right toward it, even though it kinda makes you feel like you’re not even moving–by simply showing up for yourself, for your tribe, and for the workouts again and again, you most likely get blown away by what you receive from it. It feels good to work hard. It’s empowering to overcome those challenges. And those other people at the workouts? Well they’re showing up for YOU, just as much as for themselves.

Getting blown into the Charles on a blustery February morning isn’t good. Don’t do that. But get blown away by the community of the tribe? Get blown away by how badass you are fighting the wind? Get blown away by the fun we all had? Maybe do that.


WEDNESDAY 2/27 is PR day in the stadium. 5:30 & 6:30am. It’ll be COLD. Temperatures very low and probably some wind too. This announcement is to remind you to wear (and bring) all the clothes you need to stay warm both during the workout and even in the brief minutes after you stop moving when you can either stay warm or turn into a popsicle. Don’t be a popsicle.

NEXT MONDAY 3/4 will be in Somerville on the highway ramp that goes to nowhere: exact location here. Don’t be scared…Just Show Up. 6:29am

*This also means Capozzi’s newest nickname is Pepa. Let’s get after that.

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