Triple B (YEG)

Badasses, Badges, & Buffs

My original bounce idea for this morning was kiboshed about 23.4 seconds before 6:00 am so I had to improvised right on the spot. Tough to do when you’re brain is in a deep freeze but I think I handled it.

What was supposed to be, “Brrrrr, it’s cold in here, there must be some buffs in the atmosphere!”, creatively became “Brrrr, it’s cold in here, there must be some badges in the atmosphere!” Thankfully, today I was good at thinking on my feet because it could have quickly turned into a bounce “near miss”. I guess that adds a 4th B to this mix this morning, “bounce”, but I digress.

It was a triple B morning where all of you badasses earned your -30 badge and the first opportunity to buy one of the newly released teal buffs designed by Boston tribe member Bosco. Oh, look…a 5th B! You may recall seeing another piece of his art during our back to school art workout where you coloured your leaders. If you choose to show off your buff on social, let’s also show Bosco our love, here’s is IG handle @taboscosaucex.

If you weren’t at the log cabin running the 99th street hill and choosing your own strength adventure while you waited for your partner to come back from their climb than you missed the buff protocol review. So I’ll include it here for you all…please follow it for Wednesday and Friday if the buffs last until then.

Protocol for Buying a Buff

  • Buffs are sold at the end of the workout
  • One (1) buff per person
  • Buffs are $5 – EXACT CHANGE – please do not ask us to break a $20, $50 or $100 bill (& don’t laugh, last year someone came with a $100 bill – B number 6).
  • If you do not have exact change we will ask you to wait and come back the following workout with exact change and you’ll have to hope that buffs are still available. You have 2 days to scrounge for change or break your $20 so your set for Wednesday.

With that being said, can’t wait to see you all on what should be a balmy Wednesday (B #7!)

#justshowup 6 AM

Wednesday – Race Day, 28:19 Day! Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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