Does your Game Night leave you sore and wanting more? Ours will.

Looking to Level Up Your Game Night?

Who doesn’t love a good game night? We are totally obsessed!!! That’s why we gather every Monday at 7pm est for a little game night fun. But our game nights aren’t like what you’re used to. . . Ours involve a killer core workout.

So, if you happen to be in the market for a FUN and FREE way to get that core strength building, have we got the game for you!!! It’s the NP WWW GAME OF STRENGTH!!

hold for loud, rapturous applause

Yes, thank you. Thank you! Anyway, on to the WORKOUT!!


The Game Board.

All you need is the board above, some sort of marker and a way to generate some random numbers (like, for instance some dice, your phone, a bunch of numbers written on tiny pieces of paper, or a small rat who hangs out under your chef’s hat and tells you numbers. . .oh wait. That’s Ratatouille).

Roll the dice (or listen to your little chef), move your marker around, and do what the square you land on says. Try to get to the finish as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can make this workout longer by seeing how many times you can get through the board. Pretty typical board game. . .EXCEPT


You may notice the game board has some squares with images rather than a description. Those are the twists. Land on one of those and you’re in for a good time. . .

The Skull and Crossbones – Aka The PLANKS OF DEATH!!!! Land on this square and you will hold a plank until the song you are listening to ends. Not so tough if you’ve only got a few seconds left, but if a certain not-to-be-named famous ex-boyfriend is just tossing you the car keys in the 10-minute version of All To Well then you know why we call this PLANKS OF DEATH

The Disco Ball – aka DANCE PARTY!!! Similar to the aforementioned planks of death this is done using the music you’re movin’ and groovin’ to. But instead of planks, you’ll be dancing it out. Go to town and enjoy the movement!

The Highest of Fives – Land on this and it’s 30 seconds of handing out high fives. If you’re doing this workout with friends, just go for it! On your own? No worries. Give yourself a high five or bank if for later. Or maybe your tiny chef would like a high five (and no, I will not stop with the Ratatouille references).

Roll Again – This one is pretty simple. Roll the dice again. You get a bonus turn!!!

The Moves

Ain’t no party like a game night party because a game night party is. . .sweaty

Now, the real meat of the workout comes from the moves. They last for either 30 seconds or a minute. The ones you need to know for this board are. . .

Hollow Body Hold
Hip Dips
Ankle Taps
Push Ups

That is pretty much it. Have fun. Play around. Give your little chef some cheese and we’ll see you on the internet!

Need a great playlist to keep you going? Check out this one. . .
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