Dig Deep (YEG)

Oh man, February really tests me. It’s still dark. It’s still cold. I feel like I am still trying to figure out what to wear for -25-degree mornings while throwing a mini-temper tantrum about having -25-degree mornings to still face. You’d think by February we’d be so accustomed to the weather that we’d just be able to go with the flow. But it doesn’t really feel like that for me and I think there are many in the tribe who might be experiencing similar sentiments.

When the cold weather creeps up on us in November we’re ready for it, we know winter is coming and we are resolute in our goals to make it through the cold Edmonton season. December rolls around and celebrations begin, there’s an energy in the air and the tribe is asking Santa for a -30-degree day so that they can have a weatherproof badge in their stocking. Santa did not disappoint this year and came down the chimney with more than one day to earn that badge as we wrapped up 2017. January inspires and motivates us to keep moving as we make resolutions and set new goals. And then February comes around and all we want is it to be spring!! We tire of wearing so many layers that our runs qualify as resistance training. Our fingers and toes seem to go numb quicker than they did in November. And the temptation to stay in our warm cosy bed is at an all-time high.

I think some of the tribe has succumbed to the February slump and it is all of our jobs to help dig each other out of it!

Call your tribe mates. Let them know you miss them. Let them know that the tribe is here for them. Trust that soon we’ll be waking up with the sun and mother nature will start to warm us up.

Some extra incentive this month – for every workout that you attend in February you will be able to enter your name into a draw for amazing random prizes. All you have to do to get your name in the draw is to write your full name on a Post-It-sized piece of paper and bring it to the workout. There will be a draw bag for you to drop it into. You can add your name to the draw bag each time you attend a workout in February**

Also, don’t forget about our February initiative to be out and about exploring our city in your grassroots gear. Consider completing against / joining some of your tribemates for the Silver Skate Triathlon on February 19 (Family Day). It is going to be an amazing day!

#justshowup 6AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

**there will not be paper and pens at the workout for you to use to create your ballot so do it before you come or lose out on a chance to have an entry for that day**

Until next time…SMILE! J

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