Dead Roaches

You have not seen roaches until you have been to New Orleans.  Maybe it’s the tropical environment, or the below sea level altitude, or maybe roaches just like to party and figured what better city to live in than Nola.  Whatever the reason, the roaches down here are big and they are many.


At this point you may be asking yourself, “Why in the hell are they rambling on about Roaches?”.  Well, let me tell you.  As southerners, we detest cold weather. I mean we freaking hate it.  But instead of living in the world of negativity, we like to put a positive spin on things.  So with cold weather pushing through the greater New Orleans Area, we are really excited to have killed off the majority of this city’s roach population.  Now that is what we call positivity right there!

Fired up about dead roaches

To celebrate this event, Will got the tribe started off with a bounce and a tribute to the fallen roaches.  Then off for a lap around the dome and 20 minutes of stairs… That is right, your eyes are not deceiving you.  We did 20 minutes of stairs this morning.  A great way to throw a wrench into the weekly warm up and one that we will feel for a while.  After that the Tribe partnered up for sprints across champions square.  At different intervals partners performed hand shake pushups, air squats, and partner leg raises.  A great workout with a good amount of running.


Sneezing while presenting the positivity award
Sneezing while presenting the positivity award

The Positivity award today went to long time member, Leigh Anne.  Leigh Anne has been coming to the Nola tribe for months and is always pushing others to come out and join the group.  She is also originally from Muscle Shoals which is Cameron’s favorite city in the state of Alabama… Just icing on the cake.  Leigh Anne, thank you for being a part of this group and for doing everything that you do.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week.  WE WILL HAVE WORKOUTS ON BOTH CHRISTMAS EVE AND NEW YEARS EVE,  so if you have friends or family in for either of those, bring their asses out to join us.

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