NPSF gets their hands dirty

Alta Plaza Park has been a great resource to us here in November Project San Francisco. From its stellar views of Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks to its quad busting steps. From the playground (#injurygang’s workout stronghold) to the park-wide free WiFi beamed from the top of the toilets (Did you know that was available? No. Have anyone of us ever needed to utilise that? No. But are we delighted we have that? Fuck yeah!). In preparation for Saturday’s park cleanup event (see details at bottom of the blog), the co-leaders sent the tribe out on a tour of the steps and paths of the park, dodging strategically laid dog excrement and following poorly labelled chalk and signs that have more than likely blown away in the pre-Pineapple Express gusts. The tribe high-fived, the tribe waltzed, the tribe gardened, the tribe got low and jumped high, the tribe got into a weirdly intimate chair squat-tricep dip combo. Here’s how shit went down.

30 minutes
1 figure of 8
6 partner stations
Pressup mid 5s, Waltzing lunges, Wheelbarrow race, Hoistees, Awkward tricep dip chairs, Frog jumps.



How many loops could you do? Record it on our NP trackerand see how you fared against the tribe, and see if you can beat it next time we do the figure of 8.

This Friday, Pineapple Express in coming! Easy San Francisco, that doesn’t mean what you think it might mean. Yeah we saw that film in Ireland too. Nope, instead we have a behemoth of a storm moving up the West Coast. It’s going to be the strongest and wettest to hit the region since 2009. Does that mean the Tribe is going to stay in bed? Fuck no. We are #WEATHERPROOF. We’ll see you on the hills? Wait no, we’re throwing a curve ball at you kids. Brace yourself for some #FLATITUDE.

Palace of Fine Arts. First drop your verbal. Then, meet in the centre of the Palace. Friday. 6.26AM


Park Clean-up (Saturday 13th December):
Once again, the Tribe is volunteering to help out our neighbours in Alta Plaza, and do a spot of gardening around the park. We need to send Anita our numbers later this week so they can have enough shovels, gloves and coffee (and supervision) for all of our avid November Project gardeners. Put attending for this event so we have an idea of numbers (link to event). Here are some details:
Breakfast: With thanks for donations from our local businesses and Friends of Alta Plaza Park — coffee from Peet’s, juices from Trader Joe’s, fresh bagels.
Where to meet: Children’s playground, north (Bay) side
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
What to bring: Comfortable/protective work clothes (rain gear, if needed), sturdy footwear, hat, sunblock

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