That High Blood Pressure (IND)

It’s perfectly normal to start the day off with everyone’s favorite the No Armed Bear Hug. Nuzzle, nuzzle. The tribe was scarce this morning, despite the warm and dry weather. Yes, 30ish degrees Fahrenheit is warm. What gives yo? The pics will help you cope with your #FIMO (look it up, urban dictionary, similar to #FOMO). Some tribe members were a little tardy. Tisk, tisk. You can count on the bounce promptly at 6:15am. Clearly, if you miss the instructions following the maybe weird/maybe not weird interaction, and the bounce, well then, sorry…you learn on the fly. The tribe may or may not mess with you. “We’re doing what?!?” Regardless of your punctuality, we still love you and are super glad you showed up today. Props to the newbies and the random dude that just joined in!

That entire preamble to say: today was simple. The tribe did #UpAndOvers plus the #DeckOfCards in variable pairs. No one ever turned down a cheer tunnel, ever, in the history of cheer tunnels. Wednesday is clearly the superior day of the week.

Kelsey’s positivity was rewarded with the #PositivityAward.  F***Yeah, Kgergs!

2014-01-09 01.05.00


  • Bop To The Top will be here before you can say Mele Kalikimaka. So get your team together or commit to the Triple Step, and get to training.
  • #JustRSVP and #JustShowUp to the Holiday Festivus Social (December 28th 7pm, at Ed and Jessie’s house). We will hug, laugh, eat, drink and tag #GrassrootsGear for Bop To The Top. Bring a white t-shirt or tank top.

Have a great week! See you Wednesday! Indiana War Memorial 6:15am North Stairs

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