Holy.  Shit.  Describing today would be like describing John’s sock collection to a 7 year old.  Possibly indescribable, but if you were there or look at the pictures you get some of the idea.  But today started out rough. Rolling out of bed is just hard some mornings.  And I know we talk about this and harp on it, but today.  WOW.  Let me take you through what happened.


5:28 a.m.  Something about this group that gets me every time. No matter what workout we throw at them, they are ready to go.  Ready to go at 5:25.  Even during the bounce, you can feel the anticipation building.  They are here to workout and get shit done. And today that happened.  There was no shake in their voice: y’all good? FUCK. YEA. Let’s go.


6:28 a.m.  That bounce.  Excuse me, DAT BOUNCE.  It is now after lunch, and I am still sitting here trying to describe that feeling there today.  The physical reaction I had after words, I felt like I was speaking in tounges.  The spirit had taken me over.  And that spirit came from YOU.  That was a November Project bounce.  That was how you start your workout.  I wanted to go run through a brick wall.  I wanted to jump into the East River.  I still have chills just thinking about that bounce.  DAT BOUNCE.

FRIDAY: Chambers St. & West Side Highway, 6:28 a.m.  Click here, #VERBAL, to find that exact location.

House Keeping matters to attend to.  Two big events that are happening, to keep your eyes posted to.  More to come on these as the days turn warmer.

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