No, we did not spend the entire workout kissing *pauses… considers that idea… writes it down for later* but we did practice the next best thing! With the timeless acronym “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” in mind, NP LAX dove headfirst into a smorgasbord of easy to pick up, yet still butt-kicking workouts.

First came a rousing game of freeze tag where the tagee’s had to drop and do mountain climbers until another tribe member released them from their exercise prison. Pretty sure people decided they would start tagging others, but this was freeze tag and you must adapt to win. Then, came the real (simple) deal…

Break into teams of three: one runs up stairs and back around to the group while the other two wait at the bottom, one doing burpees, one holding a plank. Rotate through once the runner returns. Rinse, wash, repeat… celebration!

I’d be remiss not to mention our squat hold competition at the end of the session, which produced no winners because FIVE OF YOU held on for longer than TWELVE FRIGGIN’ MINUTES. You’re all absolutely unreal, and we love it.

Simple, yet effective. These are a few of my favorite things. DO GOOD, LA!


Friday – 6:27 am @ the Prospect Stairs in Los Feliz, location here. Meet on Prospect Ave.

THIS WEEKEND – Big shout out to our tribe members running the Ragnar SoCal this weekend. Crush goals, stay hydrated and most importantly… HAVE FUN!!

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