3 Ways, Stair Sprints, Birthday Surf (PHL)

Our neighbors to the north designed an efficiently difficult yet fun workout this past Monday which we, for lack of a better term, stole.  Thank you NP BOS!  After running suicides on the stairs, the Tribe split up into threes.  One member from each team sprinted the loop while the others planked and burpeed.  Once runner came back, planker-ran, buppeer?-planked and runner threw down burpees.  This circuit continued for a good 25 minutes.  People were sweaty but still smiling.  Afterward 3 groups sprinted to the front door of the Art Museum.  Racing was fierce, fun and at times dangerous.

Above all we had a fucking blast and got a pretty good sweat going all the while.  Whenever W or F comes around, I am so pumped for the energy level and injection of good that you all create.  This magic doesn’t exist if you don’t show up.  Today we were also fortunate to celebrate a couple birthdays and our friend Mary passed the #HardHatAward to Tanya!  HAVE. A. GREAT. DAY.


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