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Dan- I bet you are all wondering how we got here?  What occured to make this all fall into place? Well it is a great story and my friend Jake here is gonna tell you all about it.  

Jake- Sounds like a plan to me.  This friendship-

D-  JAKE! Can we call it a Bromance? I’m gonna call it a Bromance.

J- This friendship-

D-  Bromance.

J-  Bromance… started the day Jake and Dan

D-  Wait, why do you get to be first?

J-  Because I’ve ran a marathon. * **

D-  Well played.

J-  Are ya done?

D-  Maybe.   

J–  ANYWAYS!!! We met at a summer morning The Breakfast Club run. I was new-ish to NP and Dan had been part of the Boston Tribe for just under 2 years. The conversation between us picked up over the post run breakfast/coffee when I mentioned I was bartending later that evening. Dan being a semi-retired bartender himself sparked his interest. We discovered that we had a lot in common and that both of us originated from the Midwest. Ever since that day our fledgling friendships grew into the Bromance of craziness on display this morning, and that takes to the airwaves about once every 6 months as #RoomtoYell.
Dan, why did you #justshowup and what keeps you coming back?

D- I #justshowedup when my brother was running the Boston marathon. I came to visit from Minnesota and he explained to me how he got into this free workout thing that happened 3 days a week. He told me I should go give it a shot and get a solid workout in.  My first workout was marathon Monday 2014. Instantly hooked.  Well hooked after I got over the whole what am I doing here by myself thing.   First person I met that day is the now retired co-leader Molly Thayer and then I tried to shake BG’s hand… yeah I don’t want to talk about that.

I keep coming back because NP was the first stable thing in my life when I moved to Boston. I knew no matter what I was doing that day I had that staple in my life. This was reinforced when people kept checking up on me and making sure I was handling the big change of moving and finding a job was going well. Long story short- it’s a community that really cares about its members.   Jake, what made you want to #justshowup and makes you want to keep coming back to the tribe?

J- Well Dan, as anyone who read my “Meet your tribe member blog” a few weeks ago may know, the whole reason I’m really at November Project is because of my younger sister Caroline. She started going to NP-DC while she was in college down there and would not stop raving about it. When I moved to Boston she kept telling me and telling me to go check out NP, even to the point of sending me the directions to Summit Ave from my new apartment. I ended up going for the April 1st workout (where I first witnessed Dan hitting Capozzi for the “bad” “joke” of cancelling the workout.

I keep coming back to NP for very similar reasons to you Dan. Simply put, NP made my move to Boston so much easier and has truly made Boston feel like home in a much shorter time that I ever could have imagined. Through NP I have been able to cover nearly every corner of this city and develop a love and comfortability with all of our winding cow path roads and crazy drivers. But, far more important than geography of it all, it is all of you that have made this feel like home, and are the reason that I keep coming back. This crazy community of people that unconditionally loves and supports each other, challenges each of us to be the best versions of ourselves. We strive to be better physically, but also to push the boundaries of our compassion and support for people around us, some of whom we might never have met otherwise. You all have made this home, and I love you all for that!

D- JAKE!! We should start a podcast!!

J- Dude we already talked about this. Remember- #RoomToYell the Podcast***.  

D-  Right.  Even better, we should try to get on the Wisco Notes Podcast…

J-  I don’t think we are big enough deals for that…

D- Debateable.  

J & D-  So the celebrity shot- first off, thank you EmC2 for the opportunity. We had an amazing time scouting, discussing, and planning this workout.  Believe me, we found some pretty obscure “where the hell are we” locations and if we are lucky, you will get to see them someday. In our opinion this was an adrenaline rush and experience you can not trade for anything. It was a dream come true to say the least. Yes, this opportunity was made possible by EmC2 but it would have never happened without the tribe. You are the people that show up. You are the people that are down for anything. You are the people who are willing to travel to some of the most random and obscure spots in greater Boston to do burpees in the mild of a snowstorm with a smile on your face. You are the people who listened to us scream and bounce around like a couple of kids coming off an international flight hopped up on sugar that had zero adult supervision (#adultsthatarejusttallkids). Simply for being who you are, showing up, hugging friends and strangers equally, listening intently as we describe the workout (doing your best to not be confused), and busting your ass at 6:30am on a Monday. For all of this, we thank you, and we love you.

Jake and Danimal will be back with more #RoomToYell soon. Just. You. Wait.***

Actual Wisco Notes for today-

  1. Celebrity shot leaders were Jakedill A. Boss and Danimal aka #RoomToYell
  2. Deck of cards style workout at the Aquarium. Friends were made but zero fun was had.
  3. WEDNESDAY- IT’S PR DAY!! Get ready to race your face off at  5:30am, 6:30am, or both if you’re an overachiever.
  4. Emily, Chris, and Chris were at the workout. They did nothing but workout and give high fives. Bojan did more hoistees than anyone. Ever.  BG was still sleeping #weatherspoof

*Dan wrote this!

**Jake wishes he wrote it.

***P.S. for those of you that weren’t there today- Check out episode 1 of #RoomToYell via the Facebook world. We define something called FOMO and if you weren’t at the workout we are pretty sure you have that right now.

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