The Art of the Bridge War (YEG)

We’ve held somewhere over 200 Monday workouts. That means 200 workouts that we must come up with. My favourite workout of all is Bridge Wars. Sure, stadium days, or the randomness of workouts in the legislature pool are great and a lot of fun, but nothing compares to a morning of Bridge Wars. Here’s why I love it so much:

  1. The name of the workout juxtaposed with the tender hugs of you and your opponent will bring a smile to my face every time.
  2. No matter your fitness level, you can never actually win. To win, you must make it to your partner’s end before they’re done the reps of their exercise. That means, that you’d have to run almost twice the length of the bridge, plus do your reps all before your partner does their reps. Even if you’re a much faster runner than your partner, it just means that you’re running a farther distance every time. It just goes to show that no one wins a war.
  3. The competitiveness disappears with that hug in the middle
  4. Those exercises on the end are as hard as you want it to be. You get to choose, so you determine who wins.
  5. The creativity of the exercises on the end are always impressive.
  6. You have to face the worst weather conditions in the city. Bridges are always cold and windy. That’s the whole point. Oh, Mother Nature wants to test how weatherproof we are in January? Well, we’re going to one-up her and make sure we are working out in the coldest places we can find… bridges.

Bridge Wars is my absolute favourite workout.

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