counting sheep (ORL)

another fine sunrise in baldwin park means another shot at making the morning count. after pressing snooze once, you probably threw on your shoes in the dark, and managed to make your way to the lakeside to greet your weary-eyed friends. if you’re feeling ambitious, perhaps you earn some extra credit and run a loop around lake baldwin to warm up. or maybe you bring a furry friend (or two) along because it happens to be their birthday today (yay luna!). but however you begin the day, you know that working out with november project will #makeitbetter. this goes for the other 48 tribes around the world who know exactly what we’re talking about.

dyani and i came back from missing last week’s #travlison’s babysitter’s workout ready to see all the lovely faces that we call our wednesday morning family. it’s such a great feeling to #justshowup by the brand new flagpole, in the purple-pink light of dawn, ready to help you push each other toward new goals and new friendships.

so for our first new workout of 2019, we devised an intense circuit of strength exercises, counting down from 100 mountain climbers all the way to 10 star jumps, with some burpees and box jumps in between. we pounded the pavement, burst through the boardwalk, and showed those docks who’s boss! don’t you just love seeing the enthusiasm and grit that the tribe brings to the table week after week? the countdown workout was a shining example of that.

but here’s the thing: that much concentrated energy in one place is too good to keep to ourselves. so, we’re counting on you to start 2019 off right and to help grow this movement by bringing more of orlando to our lakeside playground! for the next two months, we challenge you to spread the word about the magic we make in our corner of the city and earn a raffle ticket (for some awesomely cool swag) for every new face you recruit! we all have friends, family, and co-workers out there who can add just the right ingredients to the warm and fuzzy flock that waddles their way around harbor park. get to it!


  • congrats to naomi for winning the #NPbuff emoji contest! you still have a chance to pre-order yours, by filling in this google doc (payment instructions within).
  • and best of luck to all the disney marathon runners! interested in signing up for your first road race, triathlon, or trail relay? there’s always something new popping up here at the social page.
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