Mindset and Motivation (YEG)

Earlier this week, a friend mentioned a podcast about mindset and motivation that was very intriguing and interesting to them. So, naturally, I gave it a listen. The mindset topic is fascinating to me and I have always tried to pay attention to how I’m feeling both physically and mentally when I head into races and training runs. You know the phrase “run for your life”? Well, that rarely has someone who has actually trained to run for their life, but what you can accomplish when something so important on the line is unbelievable. To me, this is all something in your mind that’s giving you that advantage. In the podcast, you hear some stories of how David Goggins has the mindset and motivation that he does. If you have any sort of interest on the topic of mental toughness, I highly recommend giving it a listen. I want to say more about it, but I really don’t want to give it away.

Monday – We’re meeting on the west side of Dawson Bridge (Roland Road) There’s parking at Dawson Park but also remember that there are homes in that area, and we want to be respectful of our neighbours.

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