Confessions of a Dangerous Donkey Kick

So I have a few confessions to get out in the open.

First, I left the Jay’s game Tuesday just before the bottom of the 12th. I know!!!! I feel like such a fraud !!!!!!

Secondly, Elle I ate the last little (and when I say little a mean a large) bit of our tub of ice-cream. Sorrrryyyyyyyyyy! (chocolate chip cookie dough if anyone is wondering!)

Third, if you have read any of my blogs, you could question that my grammar/english is mediocre. And I am hear to admit its awful. Now the only thing I may be worse at then english is math. BUT I am happy to say that this thyme I think I have it write.  WE HAD 51 PEOPLE THIS MORNING !!!!! 50-freaking-1 !!!!!!! Big thanks to you all for spreading the NP love. Weather, it was through inviting your co-workers/friends, posting on instagram or wearing grassroots gear, we appreciate it ever so much!!! This is YOUR tribe. We had 12 newbies this weak alone!!! And thank YOU new faces for taking a chance on us and #justshowingup. I am going to actually have to start coming way earlier to hug every single one of you !!!

(tehehhehehe see what I did THEIR?????? But I mean I probably WOOD (hehehe) make all those mistakes regularly, English is hard !!)

Fourth, I can’t do Donkey kicks, like at all. Donkey kicks are hard. But damn you guys did more then ok.


DSC_0310 DSC_0317

Fifth is more of a declaration than a confession….Love you guys.



  • PR DAY next week !!! Let’s see what you guys got !!
  • The following week we will meet at Winston Churchill park, just north of our regular meeting spot. Map will follow closer to the date. And all I will say is there will be hills. and blocks. and burpees. and hills. and blocks. and burpees. I love blocks!
  • ******IMPORTANT****** Sooooooooooo our birthday is coming up  !!!!!! One freaking year !!!!!!! AUGUST 24 !!!!!!! You DO NOT want to miss the work out that morning !!!!!!!  Mark it in your calendars RIGHT NOW. GO. …..ANNDDDDDDDD  we are going to have a PUB NIGHT SOCIAL that evening !!!!!! Location tbd. So keep yourselves FREE !!!!!!!!!!! (So much caps I know! It’s how I express my EXCITEMENT). I love birthdays.


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