The Quest for Limelight – I mean, Starlight (SD)

You thought you all were rid of me. That you’d never have to read another slightly too long blog post from me again. Wrong. NP is full of magic fairy dust glitter and I’m glue. We’re stuck together for good. So deal.

Enough arts and crafts, let’s talk history. Here’s a little story about my quest for limelight – I mean, Starlight.

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood far far away, November Project San Diego used to occupy a space known to some as the Convention Center. Every Wednesday morning you could find this sparkly group of neon humans gathered at the back side of the stairs, ready to sprint, hug, and race the Talladega Lap. One day a dark butt appeared over the group and a loud, God-like voice boomed – “You are no longer welcome here.” Or something like that.

And like that, the tribe was homeless. We panicked, we cried, we made fake news videos:

But none of it worked. We were still off the stairs. At that time, I was leading the crew solo (Ashleigh was off riding elephants, Angelo was a lowly tribe member sculpting his abs, and Euge was growing his beard and practicing his jokes). I started scouring the internet (read: Google earth) for stairs, stadiums, or anything of the sort.

To my amazement, there was a perfectly good looking stadium right in Balboa Park! Wait, what? I’ve run everywhere in Balboa – how had I never seen this? So I went on a foot hunt myself and came across a sight that made me instantly sad. As I hopped the locked gates/wall to look inside the theater, I was greeted with a beautiful structure in serious disrepair.

This historic and epic theater was overrun with weeds, falling apart at the seams, and generally an eyesore. How had the city of San Diego let it get here? And how quickly could we take this project on to fix it?

It’s been 15 months since that day and we’re finally making progress. The Save Starlight organization has gained solid footing, has piqued the interest of the city and councilmembers, and needs us. This city gives us as a community so much each and every week without asking a dime in return. Even though there is no money at NP, each and every week we build equity – sweat equity. Our strength is far beyond physical, it is in each and every member, and in how the members come together to change lives and, possibly more importantly, our community.

So please, I know you don’t technically have to listen to me anymore, but please go to the Starlight Bowl clean-up event on August 13th. It’s a way to strongly entwine ourselves with this effort. To transform a scar on San Diego’s landscape. And maybe even to set ourselves up for not only a set of stairs to run, but a place we can call home.

LP, out.

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