Community, Gratitude & Buffs (Boston 11.21.18)


Today’s workout was all about building community and strengthening the connections that we are lucky enough to have completely surrounding us when we just show up at November Project.  The “pots & pans” workout is all about that family feel–taking the time to climb some stairs with one other person for a few minutes–and really have a conversation.  Not just “what’s your name?” and “how long have you been coming to NP?” but probably some other things that actually help you get to know the incredible, story-filled human beings who are climbing stairs next to you week after week.  When we bang the pots & pans, you switch up stair partners and meet someone new. 

I, for one, had a chance to talk with someone who’s name I know and face I recognize, and who I respect the shit out of–but who I really don’t know.  And we came to discover that she is from the city in Oklahoma (yup…O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A) where I went to college!  And we graduated from high school in the same exact year so when she went off to college, I showed up in her home town.  And now we both live in Boston and we love it here.  That detail is quite possibly insignificant to the bigger picture of life, but it means something to me.  It reminds me that the world is actually really, beautifully small, despite the 9 billion people on the planet.  And here we are, with a unique and awe-some tribe of humans who we have the opportunity to connect with week-after-week.  This community is part of what makes November Project special, positively impactful on us, and a worthwhile movement in the world.  Maybe today was a reminder that we don’t need it to be Thanksgiving week to make those connections, and that this tribe, this community is so very strong.


It’s the time of year (in the USA) that just about everyone is giving thanks and we’re focused on family & friends, and holiday meals, and all those good things.  And I try to be intentional about expressing my gratitude all the time, not just reserving it for holidays, but I’m going to take a minute of this blog to say thank you to the tribe for making something really special every single week at NP.  This morning I looked around and saw so many faces.  Faces of people who have moved away but are back for a holiday visit–of people who haven’t come in a while but made it back today–of people who show up consistently all the time–of newbies brought by old-bies.  And my heart swelled up with giant waves of gratitude for this really amazing thing that gives people a reason and a place to show up and been seen, to show up and see others, and to show up both for their own health & well-being as well as for others’ accountability and motivation.  There’s nothing else like this and it makes me so incredibly proud to be a part of it.  So thank you to you, as you read this, for being a part of November Project (whether you were at the workout or not).  I’m grateful to BG and Bojan for their leadership, weird-unintentional creation of this great big, awesome community, and to all the other coleaders who give their time, effort and HEARTS to their tribes.  I’m super duper grateful to Chris Capozzi for being my Boston coleader and best friend, and Chris Payne for still offering humor, inspiration, and almost showing up to workouts after coleading for so long.  And I’m grateful to the tribe.  For the amazing hugs, connections, friendships, and life-changing moments I’ve experienced over the last handful of years.  This shit is so good, and I’m so grateful.  I hope you feel some of that yourselves and share the thanks & gratitude around to the other tribe members you know.  Send them a note, post a big public thing, look ’em in the eye and say “I’m glad you’re here…like really glad you’re here.” …whatever method you choose, jump on the gratitude train and let it roll.  It’s a good way to keep making a difference and sharing how good this is.


We are taking orders for the newest, coolest, (very, very awesomely designed) 2018 NP Buffs.  You know, those tube-shaped, scarf-ish, neck/face/head wrap thingys that people wear to stay a little warmer and look very cool reppin’ NP in the world and at workouts? 

You can get your very own for just $5 each–pre-orders can be made from now until Sunday 11/25.  After that, you will have to beg or borrow from someone who wasn’t late in order to get one…but we will only accept orders until then.

You’ll receive the buffs as soon as we get them–but the order has to be placed and the buffs manufactured–so we get them sometime in 2019.  All the information you need is in the order form, linked here. 

We’re super grateful to our NP tribe member Ryan Komaiko for coordinating all the orders and payments, so it’s one less thing for Capozzi and me to do, so be sure to thank him and give him lots of shit by asking when the buffs will arrive.  He doesn’t know when they’ll arrive and it’s kind of funny to keep asking him. 


 Friday: will be at Corey Hill Outlook Park in Brookline.  6:30am  Come run and balance out the festivities of Thanksgiving with the festive movements on the hills. 

Monday: will be at Murray Field / Portsmouth Playground in the Brighton/Allston neighborhood.  Also at 6:30am, and you should definitely run or bike there–get some fitness on the way to & from, and we promise to give you a kick-ass workout while we’re there. 

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great day!

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