What We’re Thankful For (PVD)

One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much is it gives us a chance to reflect on the things in our lives that make us who we are.   It lets us revisit those things without which we could not continue to thrive. It lets us take an assessment of where we are as humans, even when things are going horribly wrong, then look at things and think “Wow, I’m so grateful for that.”  

So that’s the question we posed today during our bounce – what are you thankful for? One another, for NP, for friends, loved ones, dinner, airplanes…myriad reasons give us the opportunity to express our gratitude, and take a look at our lives, where we are, and where we are going.  

Thanksgiving gives us that chance to “go home again,” and be a part of the lives maybe we have grown from, but have established us as the humans we are.  

And it gives us the chance to give back.  

Today, we asked our tribe to bring a canned good with them for the workout.  We brought a small(ish) bucket to carry them to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.  

What happened instead was people started to show up with one BAG of cans.  A case of soup.  Jars and jars of peanut butter, apple sauce, vegetables, fruits, and a whole assortment of things.  Suffice it to say, my car is beyond full.  Each and every one of you answered the call to give back.  To help bring something to help out someone else this holiday.  And we couldn’t be more proud.

Just a couple of turkeys

We are so thankful for this group of of humans, who come together every week, bringing smiles to the faces of one another. Despite the cold, you each bring with you a warmth and goodness that radiates well beyond our Wednesday mornings. It goes forth into the people you meet, the things you do; into your community, your state. We challenge you to continue doing so.

Helping Those Who Need It

If you haven’t yet seen our other blog post from November 20, we have joined up with The Women’s Center and the Commonwealth Mental Health Services to help out women and children in our area who are in need, or have special circumstances and need our help.

We have joined up with our friend Sasha Watson of Ritual Sweat Society (Thayer St, Providence) to help support The Women’s Center and the Commonwealth Mental Health Services this holiday season.  Our goal is to help out women and children in our area who are in need, or have special circumstances and need our help.

The event is called “Throw Kindness Around like Confetti” – showing acts of kindness to those in need. For some, sadly, it may well be the only kindness they encounter during this holiday season.

We have a list of what is needed.  Our hope is that you lovely souls may help and pick something from this list, bring it to our workout on November 28, and we can help those in need this holiday season.  When you choose something, mark it off on the list so we don’t duplicate efforts.

The list is HERE.  Thanks in advance for helping out!


Photo Stolen from Joev Dubach of NP Boston

It’s time to pre-order your November Project buffs! We don’t know what they look like yet (gorgeous), or when they’ll come in (eventually), but if you don’t pre-order it by Sunday 11/25, you’ll likely not be getting one.  So do this: 
1) Venmo $5 per buff to @itsmesteven13
2) Click HERE to fill out the spreadsheet
3) Wait patiently for buffs to arrive.  
Don’t have Venmo? Find a friend with the app, give them $5, and have them do it for you.  Easy peasy, right? Right.  Moving on….

Things That Are Happening!

Friday 11/23 – HILLS FOR BREAKFAST!  Meet either at 6:15am at Jackrabbit Providence (195 Wayland Ave, Providence) for a 1 mile run OR meet at Prospect Terrace (Congdon St, Providence) at 6:27am.  Following the workout, we’ll run (yay!) or drive (boo!) to Jackrabbit for some coffee and bagels.

Sunday 11/25 – Donut Worry, Be Happy Pop Up Workout! We’ll meet up at 10am at India Point Park Footbridge and do some stuff and things to help bring you fitness, and then ruin it all by going to visit our friends at PVDonuts for coffee and assorted deliciousness.  It’s recommended you pre-order donuts! 

Sunday 12/2 – Downtown Jingle 5k 
We have a team.  We’d love it if you were a part of it.  It’s a family-friendly 5k run, and a great time to hang out with fellow November Project folks! Use code RR22 to save $2 off the registration.   Don’t want to be? Come cheer! It’ll be a blast.  Group photo AT THE START LINE at 9:50.  Don’t be late.

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