All the feels (Ottawa)

Do you ever get that feeling, the one that makes you feel like you live at your office?  You begin to know the four corners of your office space better than your bedroom. While your colleagues leave your work place looking like they’re bouncing on the moon, you are stuck in what feels like a freshly cemented walkway. Now, I am addressing this feeling because maybe at one point or many, you too have been stuck in the fresh, freshly poured cement.  Life is about finding somewhat of a balance. We are always on the hunt for that thing called work-life balance. Truthfully, though, where is the fun, time, connection in that work-life balance theory? Well the word is out folks and work life balance only works if you throw YOU into it as well. You have to consider how you want to feel, what makes you the happiest and leaves you smiling in bed at night as you doze off.  Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed especially when it’s -15. Sometimes it’s even harder to get out of bed when you know you might be heading into work in the dark and heading home in the dark. But it’s rare (we have yet to hear anyone) regretting showing up. Once you’re up, you’re up. As soon as you’re out the door, more than half the work is done. You are now unknowingly throwing that YOU back into the mix.  You are taking 31 minutes out of your day to breathe heavy, allowing your quads to burn and giving yourself moments to connect with those around you.

You have to consider what gives you the most out of your day and what will help balance you the best.  Your morning could extend until 8am where you gather with a smaller group for a coffee and discuss neuro-science, which university holds it down the best or whatever you will find yourself doing today.

Moral of the story is, consider yourself from time to time and consider how November Project Ottawa impacts your lifestyle, your choices and the work-life-you balance.

Today was the return to the locks for PR day. It was a chance to head back and see some progress on the hills from stadium stair training this summer. It was a chance for new faces to be introduced to the beautiful hill and stair combo overlooking the Ottawa river. Today we awarded Seumas and Caroline for fastest male and female races. Some close competition behind pushing these two forward! New award to come for the biggest PR- greatest increase in # of loops + number of seconds better than previous PR day. Keep track (see below). Thank you for for sharing your effort, your energy and your morning with us. 

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1.     Next week we are at the Supreme Court of Canada #justshowup #expecttheunexpected
  2.     November 29th Christmas Tree Lighting Social happening

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