Comfort zones.

We all have them, and most of us like to stay inside of them. We like going to the restaurant we know, we face the least amount of anxiety taking the same way to work each day, and we enjoy taking a nice leisurely stroll for a victory lap after winning rock paper scissors.

I’m an advocate for pushing back against comfort zones. My experience has shown that the greatest growth comes from pushing passed our boundaries. This morning provided a small taste of that challenge. RPS was just the beginning. After winning, there was no taking it easy on your victory lap. You had to high tail it down and back up the hill before your opponent caught you and made you do 5 burpees.

Admittedly, this is a benign nudge. That being said, I witnessed more sprinting, and looks of fear, than I’ve seen at a workout in a while. There was laughter, giant smiles, and the cliffs of Griffith Park echoed with “oh shit, Oh shit, OH SHIT!!!”

The enthusiasm from the tribe today matched the beauty of the sunrise and the echo of your laughter was as clear as the sky. Continue to find ways outside of your comfort zone, and enjoy the personal growth that comes along with it.


Do Good, LA!

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