Stay Safe & Love What You Do

It’s not uncommon for us to have blinders on – focusing on only what’s happening in front of us or in our direct community. We miss cool stuff happening. Things like some cats over in NYC are promoting a Runner Safety Awareness Week, this week!

It is sadly not uncommon to hear in the news about incidents happening to people enjoying what we love to do – Run! It’s important to keep these things in mind but to also find balance in still allowing yourself to enjoy your chosen activity. With that in mind here are some simple tips in order to take precautions while doing your thing:


  • Unplug – be aware of your surroundings and maybe leave the music at home
  • Grab a friend – furry friends count too but safety in numbers is a tried and true concept
  • Always obey traffic signals/laws – simple as that
  • Be visible – reflective gear, colour clothing (not all black), LED lights etc etc. Get noticed
  • Leave a note/tell a friend – a quick text to say I’m going for a run
  • The route – know your route but also change up your route. Don’t be predictable; being an adaptable runner is also good for your fitness
  • Don’t engage – your safety is top priority


Now I don’t mean to fearmonger, these are just things that we need to think about whenever we are out there regardless of the time of day, season, or your fitness level. Keep enjoying the things you love and stay safe out there.



You all did an amazing job pushing through and pushing others through the workout this morning. This community never ceases to amaze!

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Monday – The workout will be on a bridge somewhere


Keep being awesome,


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