Wisconsin Notes:
-last week very cold, this week medium cold
-Call Me Maybe
-Pop up workout at the Forks, Friday, February 1st
-The Great Skate, Sunday, February 3rd

#weatherproof, it’s one of the more common November Project hashtags, that is meant to signify that the Wednesday workouts will happen. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Which, don’t get me wrong is all well and good. #weatherproof for other tribes means showing up when it’s rainy, or -1 or really hot. But here in Winnipeg it’s another story entirely and I think we truly deserve the label #weatherproof. The winter here is cold as hell, and long as hell and dark as hell and because of that we need November Project. We need it to hold us accountable, to force us outside and to make us connect with others during the long winter months.

Last week was a -31 badge day, and people showed up. At the end of the workout Derek asked how many people already had their -31 badge and the majority of people raised their hand. That’s pretty dang cool, y’all stick around, you show up year after year when it’s cold as hell. So thank you, we appreciate you.

Also last week, we had some crecom students come to the workout to get some film footage, and they made the dope hype video that you saw on our instagram on Tuesday, so big shoutout to them. And bigger shout out to Katherine, one of the students who came back this week to participate in the workout!

This morning we went and explored the new ice bar set up on the river and tested the structural integrity of their benches (strong) and Derek gave Yvette the birthday gift of tabata hoistees (you’re welcome). Then we took it to the pergola for the rotary phone edition of Call Me Maybe. This workout cracks me up because it’s totally random which exercises you may have to repeat MULTIPLE times and there’s always someone who ends up bear crawling for 20 minutes or doing like 200 pushups LOL. If you still have your phone number from this morning, please text the person this week encouraging them to attend the workout next week and or The Great Skate.

Speaking of The Great Skate, I will do a blog early next week answering all of the FAQ’s. Things to know now, next Wednesday we will have our normal PR workout, and next Friday we will have our SUPER EXTREME HYPE POP UP workout at the Forks to show off Winnipeg and our squad to the visiting guest leaders.

Things we have locked and loaded for The Great Skate:
-incredibly talented photographers and videographers who will get you all of that fire, money sign, fireworks, content
-other awesome secret surprises from the North Face that we aren’t allowed to talk about yet (hype, hype, hype)

Things we need your help with:
-we are trying make you all awesome homemade wood finisher medals again this year BUT we are running into issues getting a brand or access to a laser cutter to either cut in or burn on the logo SO if you know someone who has cheap or free access to a forge, metal shop etc, please reach out to us, we would love your help!

We need: 4-6 volunteers for indoor, low labour help, like directing people, getting waivers signed, passing out race bibs, etc
3-4 volunteers for outdoor set up and take down, this will require physical labour, and possibly extended time outside (so bundle up)
Please reach out to us if you are willing to volunteer and indicate if you want and indoor or outdoor volunteer job.

Until next week, stay warm, keep recruiting and let’s make those hype levels high!

Heart Emoji
-Cold Footed M

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