Consistency (Ottawa)

Consistency- a principle that dictates success in anything you do. How one defines success is variable. Success with your health, with your relationships, with your personal goals, family goals, or professional goals.

This variability is true of the reasons people #justshowup to November Project as well. Everyone has a reason, maybe multiple… there has to be a big enough reason to wake up in darkness, get dressed in the dark out of your warm bed, and head out into your car that will barely start to make it for the 6:29am bounce.

Whatever the reason, there is a consistency at NP you can rely on. There are people there to welcome you, to embrace you. You can rely on the bounce at 6:29, a hard workout that will make you breathe heavy, warm up and sweat. The workout is there for you to grab onto. You have to be the one to show up and do the work, but the tools are in front of you.

One reason this community works is because if Wednesday morning was -39 degrees C with the windchill, and you thought “they probably won’t show up, it couldn’t possibly still be happening, no way are people doing this” The wind that bites at your face, and you could think “nah, too cold, probably a frost bite warning, nobody will show up.” you would have doubt, hesitancy, and it would be easy not to show up…. or on this morning’s FIRST SNOW DAY!! You know not to have a doubt. (Snow day badges are in process, post below that you attended today’s workout, ON RECORD).

November Project on Wednesday morning may be one piece of the puzzle in your week that you can control and rely on… well a couple things you can control. The weather? Nope. The workout? Nope. The amount of light? Nope. But you can rely on the people. You can choose to show up, for whatever you reason you have, any reason is good enough. Any excuse will do as well, but that reason overrides the excuse and gives it no room to breathe.

Consistency. You may not see results with the goals you have laid out right away, but keep at it, stay consistent, push past the excuses and tackle the things you can control. You will start to see change. Whether your consistency means showing up every week, every month, or once a year, you can rely on the group being there to welcome you. This community is glad you’re here no matter way.

Thanks for sharing your snowy morning, time and energy with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Rideau Canal Skate Race February 16, 8am. See Facebook event for details.
  2. Games night social upcoming on a Thursday near you, stay tuned.
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