Coit + Us

If it feels like this morning’s jaunt about the Coit Tower steps was a long time ago, it’s probably because it was. It’s been over 13 hours since we gathered in the rain and fog and took down the 364 steps it is from base to summit. So why are you just reminiscing about it now? Because that’s how long on a typical work day it takes Clayton to get his shit together and write the blog post. Well sorry I’m not sorry. I took like 30 buzzfeed quizzes at work today, and I’d do it again. I always knew I was a Shoshanna, and now it’s been officially verified. So take THAT! Speaking of procrastination, the hell are you even doing right now? Its 8:30 on a Friday night and you’re reading the November Project blog? You #earnedyourweekend. I saw you do it. Didn’t you join NP to make friends? What, you can’t figure out sequined spandex what tights to wear to Bootie tonight? Just go with the sluttier ones. You’ll still going to look like a virgin next to Weston.


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