#Congratucation (District of Columbia)

Yes it’s a word. I’m pretty sure Hallmark is calling me right now to ask if they can use it on their greeting cards. How do I know it’s a word? I made it up and what I say is LAW. That being said, we finished up our Senior Theses today (the coldest day in February) at Georgetown Law with a rad group of cool cats bear (and according to Keith, bears sound like pirates) crawling, bench hopping, and stair burpeeing (another new word to at to your vocabulary). Finished it out with intimate sprint work because we want you all to be real real comfortable with each other. Ok, enough about what we did. Let’s talk about what we’re going to do.

WEDNESDAY: Bring a DATE. Bring a friend, significant other, neighbor, stranger you meet on the metro, etc. etc. This means we want to double our population. So our doubling time should be one week (that’s a science joke for all you nerds out there. I’m busy grading microbiology exams and I can’t hold it all in. Seriously, you should see some of the answers they write. Someone mentioned prime rib. I’m still shaking my head. I hope my students don’t read this). 5:30 and 6:30AM at Lincoln. You know the drill.

#MonumentalMarch: Don’t worry, we’re not marching anywhere. We’ll be visiting monuments you didn’t know existed in DC each of the Fridays in March. Hype it. Fridays are dope (see below). You don’t want your friends to miss out on the great times we’re having. Plus, you want all your friends to have great asses.




Our own race coming up on Saturday, March 22nd, 7pm. Starting at the White House with details coming next week. Start looking for a headlamp. Continue to hype it even after people get sick of you talking about it. Just make them jealous. HYPE THIS HARD. LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HYPED ANYTHING BEFORE. IT WILL BE FUN.

Keep on spreading that DC lovin’


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