The Antibodies of NP-DEN aka 5280 aka Mile High Tribe

November Project tribes take great honor in naming our running routes and workouts to better inform our participants at the start of each workout. This morning NP-5280 shoved the November Project flag into the grounds of Governor’s Park and declared the name of our workout route. We brainstormed names that best describe the hill and stair laden path that we trace each Friday morning. And the winner is: The Antibody. Why? Hehe, I mean, Y? Because Mollz is wicked smaht and eats chemistry loops for breakfast. She explained to us that Antibodies are Y-shape proteins produced by B-cells and used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. End quote.

Why does this name work? Obviously because morning exercises, friends, and hugs are the proteins that neutralize stress, anxiety, and the pressures of life, work, and relationships. BOOM. #NameAccepted.

That said, we have a really awesome group that shows up to our Friday morning workouts. We welcomed two newbies this morning: Holly and Nathan both crushed the virgin Antibody route. We embraced the first interaction between Holly, Molly, and Wally. And Will won the post-workout see-saw balancing session. We even inspired a member of our vagabond cheering section to do a pushup. Mission accomplished, and weekend earned.

I and Love and You,


See you all every WED 6:15AM @Civic Center Park & FRI 6:15AM @Governor’s Park

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