EDMONTON…You know you’re #weatherproof when…

Today was one of those days when Nadim and I looked around & thought…wow…we really have a dedicated, hard core, crazy, amazing, fucking awesome community here!!! The tribe is strong…the tribe is weatherproof…which leads us to today’s theme…

You know you’re #weatherproof when…

  • you wake up and get excited seeing a current temperature of -33 with windchill because you were expecting -40
  • you can’t open your eyes because your eyelashes froze together
  • the tribe has 3 newbies show up to run hills in -33…and they are high school students
  • you pause for an impromptu “hoarfrost” mug shot at the top of the hill
  • you have to take off a layer because you dressed too warm
  • you can relate to Owen’s snotcicle experience from Wednesday
  • electricity freezes but you keep running even without the music pumping
  • you run hills at 6AM during the polar vortex on the same day that you are defending your PhD
  • you’re grateful for #yeg temperatures because our Fort McMurray neighbours to the north woke up to -45C
  • the tribe’s warm hugs make each second outside this morning worth it
  • you can’t imagine being anywhere else other than exactly on that hill this morning
  • you only see peoples eyes
  • you get a call saying that it’s going to be -48C and that you should cancel the workout, and your only response is to laugh
  • hugs are secretly for survival purposes

Weekend earned tribe!! In a few months, you can also say that the warm weather was earned!

See you Monday at the Timms Centre at the University of Alberta! Please note, this is NOT Tim Hortons.

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