Just a Bunch Of Oversized Kids (BOS)

What do bunch of “grownups” do in K-8 school’s backyard? Play with other “grownups”, obviously. When the whole schoolyard is at your disposal, it’s hard not to have fun.

When folks go away from their local tribes, they ask us what workouts they can do while on the road. Here is the recipe for an amazing circuit workout that you can do wherever you are and is scalable for all fitness levels.

– Start with 5 burpees.
– Run to side-step-shuffle station (swings or cones are good for this)
– Drop down and do 5 burpees
– Run to the wall jump station for 5 wall-jumps.
– Run to the Hoistie station for 1 Hoistie.
– Finish off with 2×30 yard full out sprints.
– Repeat

Circle through for 15 minutes.

Special congratulations are in order to our friend and a November Project San Diego leader Ashleigh Bordwell on recently becoming Ashleigh Voychick. We wish you and John all the best and can’t wait for you to come back from your honeymoon. Jessica and Lauren are running the place into the ground and shouldn’t be left unattended for longer than two weeks.


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  1. Congrats to Ashleigh and her main man from the NOLA Tribe! Come honeymoon here! I hear Bourbon Street is very romantic!

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