Circle Work at Secret Location (PHL)

And our super secret location was (drum roll)…a random slab of circular asphalt on the banks of the Schuylkill River.  Ok, so it wasn’t glamorous but this location offered the perfect place for some interactive, core burning workouts.  For those not from these parts, this location is also a common entrance point for one of the city’s major running trails, therefore, recruiting was a natural byproduct of our efforts.  Some passerbys were more inquisitive than others, but our #grassrootsgear and deep, guttural (sometimes well placed, other times not) Fuck Yas were a dead giveaway.

We should probably also tell you about our workout.  We met at the Art Museum, broke into two groups and did Indian Runs for over a mile to the location, formed a circle at said location did A LOT of planking and V sits, while people took turns sprinting around the outside of the circle.  We finished with a LONG line of humans doing burpees and sprints.  It was fun. We hugged. We took pictures.  We had a handful of newbies who got to experience this thing called November Project.

Our hard hat award was passed from Jess to Lisy today.  Jess informed us that she was among Lisy’s first recruits.  Lisy has been with us from the beginning and she brings the fire every week.  She works her ass off and always has a smile on her face.  Incidentally, November Project is also a family affair for Lisy…she was initially recruited by her mother….trippy.  The Tribe is in the family. The Tribe transcends generations.  The Tribe is strong.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful mugs next week!

PS: We are now working out in 15 CITIES ACROSS NORTH AMERICA.  Warm welcome to our 5 new Tribes!  Find your local Tribe and get involved. #TURBO15


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