Doctor, I think I’m developing a RASH-field: Baltimore

Today’s Brilliant Bunch of Breakfast Bandits moved their Absolutely Awesome Abdominal Activities  to the Lower Level of Light Lane (approximately) for a Totally Torturous Time Trial. See what I did there…I spelled BALT in alliterations. You can’t buy creativity like that, people. Pure grassroots, organic goodness. Patches is currently free-styling about this morning’s workout and Julie Cozzetto has already commissioned 6 unique oil paintings to be sold to the highest bidder. We’re inspired people here down in B-more.

Today’s workout was pretty damn difficult. We did a shit-tank ( if pronounced correctly, shit-tank accurately sums up our workout this morning) of box jumps, pushups, burpees all in between partner sets of 1/4 mile sprints. That’s a lot of activity, people. If you were there this morning, just turn around and give yourself a little pat on the back. Don’t turn around too far though, you’ll miss your back…no, tooo far, go back. Ok, try again. No, still not getting it. Follow this guy’s lead.

We were particularly excited for the return of two particularly valiant warriors. Frank and his beard reappeared much to the joy of Patches and Nick who have been trying to grow a beard like that since their little league teams first made the playoffs. Malik Knox also emerged from the rock Geico has been hiding him under. Malik is now fluent in three languages, English, claims adjusting and Gecko.

Thanks to all of you other lovely people that fought off the urge to lie dormant in bed, got your asses up and joined the tribe. We love you all.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday  and my lovely tribe I have composed you all a poem:

I love the mornings of the Wediest day,How much I love it I cannot say

But each and every Weddy Day, I wake up and scream hooray.

For Weddy days are just the best, with November project Love Fests

We scream and shout, bang on our chests, bring on the newbies, bring on the Guests!

Yes Wednesday mornings they are so fun, we beg you all, bring everyone

For the Tribe is strong we know it’s true, Let the NP love flow from we to you!

Congratulations to the #Turbo15. Let the LOVE FLOW DEEP.


STAY TUNED THIS WEEK FOR OUR SPECIAL EVENT!!!! Next Wednesday is the shindig to end all shindigs…I’ll give you a hint. It’s gonna be a love fest…there will be babies.








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