The Sun Tease (YEG)

A lot happened this morning at NP Canada. So much happened that I can only tell you minor details. The positivity stick came back. It left on a bike. Stairs were conquered. A snow angel was made. A selfie was taken. Hugs were given. The sun teased us. It will do it again on Friday before going back into hiding. And two passersby had the greatest walk to work that they will ever have. EVER!

In more important news, this morning, we did our first ever 15 tribe workout. The excuse of “I’m going on vacation” is no longer going to work, because we are basically in every vacation spot known to life. That’s right! We’re in Milwaukee! All of our membership fees went towards purchasing California. We own it now. Sacramento and Los Angeles have arrived. NYC is also on the map. What took you guys so long? And, I’m extremely glad Minneapolis has arrived because now there’s another tribe that has a funny accent. The tribe is growing. The tribe is strong. The tribe is #turbo15

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One Reply to “The Sun Tease (YEG)”

  1. Love it. Seems so long ago when we were the new kids on the block. Now, 15 tribes strong. The beauty that is NP is spreading like wildfire…perhaps we will see NP_YQR (Regina) or even NP_YYZ in the near future. Best selfie ever! 

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