Christmas Was Saved!!! (YEG)

We got word from the north pole, our toy creation exercises were enough to fill Santa’s sleigh. All of the good boys and girls will get toys this Christmas. As a thank you Santa used his magic to fill Nadim’s bag with a gift – buttons!!! The positivity award/#verbal button was dropped.

The bounce today started with a case of the wiggles and I feel like I am ending my day with the same wiggles, as my muscles are solidly sore. That was a great workout and congratulations to everyone that participated. Thank you for sticking with us a bit past time your willingness to take on the challenge of the day was inspiring to watch. Push-up plank jacks, burpees, leg lowers and sumo squat jumps??? Who comes up with this stuff am I right haha.

I plan to wiggle my way to a couch getting some needed recovery watching some #babyyoda and I hope you take time to recover as well.

Keep being awesome,



Weds – RG stairs

Friday – Walterdale hill

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