Decorate the Tree (BOS)

Today’s workout was one to remember. We showed up on a chilly, yet snowless December Monday morning to a plaza inside/next to the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. There are trees there in the center of the plaza and plenty of space around for running, jumping, fitnessing, and general NP activity.

The workout started with 3 times through 50 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest of 1 minute each of jump-squats, mountain climbers, bicycles, and burpees. It was cold, quiet, and focused. But everyone got warmed up, started stripping off layers, and finding a little hype to share with the group. It was still dark, and to be honest, the trees in the middle of the little plaza where we were making our movement were not lit up. They were a little meh, with a lot of potential.

We got into groups of 4, then ran a circuit with one rotating member of the team, between three fitness stations that included lunges across the plaza, sprinting up a driveway ramp, and bunny-hopping up a flight of stairs. There was only a little confusion when some people tried to find their group members…but overall the fitness was fierce and the morning flew!

The burnout consisted of partners working together to keep one or the other of the partners in the corner of the plaza doing pushups, while one of them ran into the center of the plaza and placed a NP ornament (recruiting papers attached on sparkly pipe cleaners) onto one of the meh trees. Meh…became magic.

Which is the Monday lesson today. When you go somewhere, do you “decorate the trees?” Do you leave the place, people, and vibe a little better, more colorful, and less meh than it was before? I believe that’s what November Project does, certainly on Mondays…we try to share positivity and energy, excitement about fitness and healthy movement, and offer that to everyone who shows up as well as to everyone we might encounter wherever we are. And yes, at those other workouts we do each week–Wednesday and Friday–we are often “decorating the trees” in people’s lives. We change how the rest of the day goes for each and every person who shows up, making the day feel a little more exciting, giving a feeling of fun and community and a lens of positivity and “f*ck yeah!” as the foundation for everything else that happens in the day. And as we all take in the good of NP each workout, I also think it gives us the opportunity to take that excitement and “internal decoration” and share it out.

This isn’t a directive to litter, or graffiti, or actually leave things everywhere you go–but leave positivity, kindness, good energy, human connection, and that kind of color everywhere you go. Keep changing the world.


WEAR LIGHTS…bright colors, neon, and anything that glows. It’ll be a dark morning…the darkest of the year, before the days start getting longer… so let’s light up the morning.

next monday

Dec 23rd Workout will be at 6:29am at the Christmas Tree in the Seaport. Check it out right HERE.

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