Check-in with your Happy (YEG)

First off hot damn you came, you climbed, and you crushed 28:19 day. You are better for putting in that effort – thank you for sharing your drive with everyone. Your presence makes a difference. Congrats to the speed demons: Lee-ann you crushed the course!!! Trent went fast too.

Secondly, take this blog as a check-in. Have you been putting effort into your happy today?

Happiness is not a thing, its personal and there is no judgment for what works for you or others. For me it’s the bliss in the moment to moment interactions, a feeling of purpose, and grounding. Ya, these are a bit vague but that’s what works for me and I can project these things into the details of life so that I can check-in with how my day is going. e.g. I took time to read at lunch, I was able to teach something to a coworker, and I got to run stairs. It can be hard to remind myself but when I do I find it can really help shift my outlook.

Stress plays a big part in managing that happy. I try to remind myself that all internal suffering is resistance to whatever is happening in any given moment. Can you change the topic that’s causing the issue? If not then you’re just creating resistance and stress in yours and maybe others’ lives. We can’t control what the world throws at us but we can try to control what we throw into the world. A blog like this isn’t going to magically change anything. It’s just a check in to say ‘have you thought about this in a while?’ I truly believe that this kind of stuff is something that we constantly need to work towards. Bringing this front of mind, through this medium, hopefully will help someone reading it.

You are awesome.

Keep being awesome,




Friday – Walterdale hill

Fabric tubes for sale – 5$

Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are heading down on April 27 to the clinic by the UofA)


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