Day Won (NOLA)

As an FYI – I started and finished this blog last night (on the day of my final bounce – click to see)… I just wanted to wait until the morning to post.

I’m embarrassed by how many times I’ve typed, retyped, reworded, deleted, edited, and reconsidered this sentence. No one teaches you how to write a blog like this – one where you have to say thank you to a whole group of people who have completely altered your life… forever. No one prepares you for the emotions you are going to feel when you stand in front of that crowd for the last time. But what I do know is this – I’m never going to be completely content with this blog because I will never be able to completely thank this city for everything you have given me. Today, my day is won.

I mentioned it this morning, but I want to elaborate on something that I think everyone should realize… November Project is an ESCAPE from the good, the bad and the ugly of our lives. Whether you are going through some of the best times of your life or the worst, you can always count on this group to just show up. It’s so cliché but it’s true. Most people do not realize how miserable I had become at work. I’m not really afraid to put it on the internet because I was able to be honest with my bosses about this, but I was honestly just going through the motions for over 40 hours a week, every week. Some weeks were fine, some weeks were absolutely miserable. But 3 times a week, at 6 (and sometimes 5) in the morning, I knew I would be more than just fine. I would be happy, joyful, free. November Project saved me. You all saved me.

November Project is – means – provides – inspires… PURPOSE. It provides me with a purpose… to get out of bed 3+ times a week. To train for marathons in order to crush my never-before-imaginable goals. To fly thousands of miles to cheer on my best friends. To develop relationships that are quirky, challenging, but always inspiring. To smile. To laugh. To hug. To cry. To fall in love. To get stronger. To think deeper. To mature. To be unapologetically ME. This one thing, free & weird & chaotic, is providing me with the purpose to do some of the most incredible things I have ever done. And all I had to do was just show up.

I could go on and on about how I feel, but I would rather leave you with a list of final thoughts…

  1. If you haven’t shown up, just try it. Even if you hate it, at least you tried. Because I can promise you this tribe will give you something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… And it may be exactly what you need.
  2. Support each other as much and as often as you can. Send good luck texts for more than just big races. Show up to track meets and art shows. Run by the Square to say hi to your artist friend. Ride your bike next to your friend who is training and needs a pick me up. Be there for each other because y’all are some of the best people I know, and there’s no one better to have support from to reach your goals.
  3. Be comfortable with uncomfortable and don’t be scared of change. Take me as a perfect example. Exhibit A: I never thought I’d run a marathon but NP convinced me to – now I’m running Boston in less than 3 weeks. Exhibit B: I am finally making a choice to win back my career and seek joy in work, and I feel really freaking good about it.  Exhibit C: I chose to lead this tribe for 2.5 years after the thought of it scared the shit out of me… and it is now the best thing to ever happen to me.
  4. Be open to giving and receiving love. This tribe and its members love more than any group of people I have ever met. Your love fills me in ways that I truly never would have expected. I typically close myself off to accepting such love, but today is a day I will never forget because of the love I felt.
  5. Be you.

When Lou asked me to become a co-leader of this tribe, he said the only way I would do well was if I was just me. I would not succeed if I tried to be any other leader. That faith he had in me allowed me to grow into the leader I am today. Boogalou, you know I’m crying right now. You also know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. So yeah, stop crying.

Linda, thank you for telling me to show up. You inevitably changed my life forever. I will forever be indebted to you for what I received from this tribe.

BG & Bojan, You two started something LEGENDARY. Good work and thank you for being here.

Laura, Thanks for scaring the shit out of me while also being one of the most badass, supportive females I know. Proud of be a part of the #lgfc (Laura Green Fan Club… it’s exclusive).

Robbie (and supporting service men), thank you for your service…and for one of the most thoughtful gifts I have EVER received.

Badass Lady Gang, these are the females in my life that are constantly crushing it and absolutely inspire me day in and day out. You know who you are and I am glad to call you part of my girl tribe.

Framily, thank you for always showing up, to workouts and in life.

Rob, thanks for being my rock. And for a lot of other things that the internet doesn’t need to read about. I love you.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Glenn, I know I can drive you insane. And no one has put up with me in my life (besides my family) longer than you have… So thank you for dealing with my neurotic, perfectionist self. I have become a better person, partner, leader, and friend because of you.

Joseph, thanks for accepting that invite at the Saints game. Who knew it would lead you back into my life and into this tribe. You have so much ahead of you and I cannot wait to watch you grow.

Rebecca, holy F, I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to see everything you do for this tribe and this city. You’ve got this. I believe that more than anything.

You got THIS.

NP NOLA, I am still trying to find the words. I love you. I owe so much to you. And I cannot thank you enough for everything you have given me the last 3 years. I promise to come visit (and you all should definitely come visit me). I love y’all. Come hug me tomorrow at All Tay Friday.

And with that, it’s time to sign off. And probably wake up in the morning and rewrite all of this… But for now, I have one last thing…

Geaux win your day.

See y’all tomorrow, 6am, Shelter 1.
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3 Replies to “Day Won (NOLA)”

  1. Mia, Thanks for inspiring me to wakeup esrly amd workout. You’ve been so kind and accepting of my slow old ass self. I really appreciate and remember every time you went out of your way for me. You will be so missed. You won your day and I wish you all the best as you go Win Your Life!

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