March Madness (ORL)

When Wednesday rolled around with another threat of rain this week, some of you posted up in bed and some of you made a fast break for Harbor Park, where you know you can always find a little morning madness. We got bouncing to Kurtis Blow and the team was hyped for the games to come. We split into two groups, and showed off our proficient(ish) ball handling skills in a warmup game that had us making some clean chest passes followed by a single burpee and squat hold. The only foul was committed by Rob, who seemed to be a little lost at the end of the line. He was quickly called out by the officials, and stepped up to the line to make up for his violation.

Once the bench was sufficiently warmed up, we traveled right into the main workout. It was all about teamwork, as we rotated through sweet 16 squat jumps, elite 8 triceps dips, final 4 Bojans, and the championship round being all of those plays, combined. In between strength rounds, the players took a timeout to work in some cardio with a sprint to the long dock before finding a new partner to move on to the next round with.

I’m quite sure that all players made it to the championship, and some of the power forwards took it to the next level and showed off their all star skills, getting in some overtime.

The rain that had started dribbling down, was now a steady screen of precipitation, as our finishers tunnel formed. We had the team gather their gear and transition to a sheltered area of our concrete court, as we know that some of our players are #weatherspoof, and we didn’t want them to miss out on a buzzer beating burnout to the Katy Perry classic, Swish Swish. A full body pump was the perfect fadeaway to finish the morning’s fun.

Thanks for playing.




  • #raceeverything congrats to everyone for setting goals & crushing them! There are some fun community races coming up- stay up to date with who is running what and who’s hanging out where on our Fb social page.
  • Mention the code phrase “pick & roll” to Angel or Dyani at the next workout and get an opportunity to choose the burnout!
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