Coming Out Of Hibernation… (BOS 3.27.2019)

This morning may not have felt any different rolling out of the doorway into the cold brisk air this morning. It definitely didn’t feel different rolling up to the concrete jungle at 5:25am to see a shadowy mass of humans congregating and trying to stay warm. It didn’t feel any different when I said bring it innnnnn NOVEMBER PROJECT BOSTON!!

What did feel different is the moment that you responded with “GOOD” and “YEAH” respectively. This wasn’t just another cold winter morning. It looked and felt that way, but it didn’t sound that way. There was an energy that was coming out of hibernation.

This was only reinforced at 6:29AM when i looked around and saw that we




this morning!

Not only the energy but there were people coming out of hibernation as well. You could feel it. (And apparently you did judging by the number of PR’s this morning)

I’ll go back to my original statement that this morning didn’t seem any different or look any different at first glance, but what made it different was you. YOU. We’ve seen dark days below freezing. This wasn’t anything new. But we had more humans to push us, to encourage us.

So next time you think that maybe you’ll sleep in, know that we will miss you. We’ll miss your energy and your .hugs. You DO make a difference here, every one of you. So thank you for showing up today and making a difference, for making an impact.

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