Chasing it Down (LAX)

We’re all chasing something.


When you show up to a workout at the Hollywood Bowl, that something could be Kurt, or John Grier, or Danielle, or hell… the closest person in front of you. Throwing down a classic session of Weatherspoofs (thanks again, Boston #EmC2) allows for a lot of chasing up and down the B lot of the bowl for five minutes at a time. Time spent pushing yourself, hi fiving, avoiding oncoming traffic like frogger. You know this shit is good when you’re relieved to hit the partner workouts.


Because we chase something there, too. We chase strength for ourselves and the person we’re literally squatting against. We then toe the line and chase the finish because we always want the last moment of your morning to be the time you go “wow, I didn’t know I had that in me”.


But we don’t stop chasing when we leave the bowl. We all have goals in life that we chase every damn day. Take this energy that you felt with your tribe this morning and let it spread into your next few hours, your day, your week. Chase that shit down… if you can do it here, you can absolutely do it out there.

For those of you who cannot join the running but still give your time and energy to cheering on your tribe while getting your deck on – you’re a part of this. We are insurmountably strong when we go together. Let’s keep that up.


Do great, LA.


Friday: 6:27 am at the Santa Monica Pier. Location and #verbalage in the tracker.

NP LAX 2nd Birthday Party: We turned two this month… let’s rage about it! Next Wednesday 5:27/6:27 is gonna be an #exerciseparty. Birthday attire suggested.

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