Bring it up (LOW and) Slow (DCA)







  1. This one is actually not a recap, it’s new. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HARD HANNAH IS RACING? #BELIKEHANNAH
  2. Back to recap-mode. A shitty announcement made so much less shitty by SAM. #BELIKESAM Sam had plans to come to his FIRST ever NP. Last night he thought to himself, “Man I have all this stuff to bring what will I do with it?” His friend was like, “Don’t even worry man just bring a bag and drop it on the side.” And then a thought occurred to Sam. “WHAT IF EVERYONE BROUGHT BAGS THAT MIGHT BE UNSAFE.” So Sam decided to bring a very small bag, one that he could wear at all times. He brought a backpack and wore it for the entire time, never leaving it alone, never making someone else run with it, never attracting unwanted attention from park and/or cap police. #BELIKESAM (..don’t bring a bag. if you MUST bring a bag, bring a small one that you never take off..)                                          NP_3.09-44
  3. HAVE WE MENTIONED THAT YOU NEED A PARTNER FOR FRIDAY?? Here are some stellar examples of people meeting people and running with said people. You have today and you have tomorrow. Prepare. (By finding a partner.) Once you have a partner, pls proceed.




  1. (<– should be a 4.) ONE of you will meet ME, Kaelan, at the Banneker Track (entrances on 9th and on Barry). The OTHER one of you will meet Steve at the Cordozo Track (entrance at 13th and Florida). Be on time. Let’s call on time 6:28am. (Andy will probably somehow keep both groups on time and we’ll all be thankful for him.)
  2. (<– should be a 5.) ROCK N ROLL DC HALF MARATHON AND MARATHON ARE THIS WEEKEND! Lots of us are running. Lots of us are cheering. Looks like there are still bibs up for grabs on the social page, and there are DEFINITELY CHEERING SPOTS UP FOR GRABS –> check it out HERE! Speaking from experience, you can make a WORLD of difference to a runner by being at the cheer station. THANK YOU GRANT.


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