Changes and Cheeseburgers (DEN)

Denver notes:

  • Great news, everyone!  Matthew has decided not to move to San Francisco.  His rocking chair will be firmly encamped in Denver for the foreseeable future.
  • Casino Royale workout never disappoints.  We’ve discovered the great equalizer for Starbuck’s blinding speed – short distance sprints.  When you have a 90-inch inseam, turnover is hard.
  • When you put tiny paper hats on adult heads, your day is always on its way up.  Put that one in your back pocket for future reference.  This also applies to cheeseburger hats.  And hats that say “It’s my FUCKING birthday!”
  • Improve your day.  Put on a hat.
  • Pushups, sit-ups, sprints, burpees, wall sits…yada, yada yada.  Matthew had a fucking cheeseburger on his head this morning.  Very normal.

Change is hard.  Always.  In one way or another, it always challenges you.  Today we saw a changing of the guard.  Matthew has been a certified fitness choreographer at November Project-Denver for 3 years and today he handed his reins to our lady, Erin.  She is going to absolutely crush this shit.  Matthew and I have talked about bringing on a lady leader for a long time, and we’re so glad that time is finally here.

Change is good.  Always.  In one way or another, it causes you to seek a new mode of operating.  While some aspects of change may be more difficult than others, you always have to find a way forward, whether or not it is the way you expected.

Until BG and Bojan decide to pull the plug, this thing is going to continue moving forward with new tribe members, new leaders, new bounces, new workouts, new ways to make poop jokes.  Still, with as much change as this entire movement has seen since November 2011, it’s just as good as it’s ever been, and is, at its core, exactly the same – a group of people coming together to work out, no matter the weather, committing to each other and, as a result, to themselves to #justshowup.  Along the way, a lot of us just happen to become friends.  This is why the movement will continue to grow and we’ll continue to change the fitness landscape, as well as the chemistry and humanity of our cities.  It’s not Dan or Molly, or Matthew, Erin, or me, or leaders who will follow who will this thing to continue.  It’s you.  It always has been – showing up for each other and for yourselves.

ERIN: Thank you for thoughtfully and graciously accepting this role.  Our tribe is going to soar with you at the front.  Just your excitement makes me excited!  I’m glad you’re here.

MATTHEW: On behalf of the tribe, thank you for everything – for freely and unconditionally giving your time, talent, sleep, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, compassion, humor, kindness, emotional strength, love, and a thousand other things to our tribe.  When you helped me finish my last leg of the Epic Relay 4 summers ago, I had known you for about 12 hours and I never imagined we’d lead this thing together, but I’m so grateful we did, brother.  I’m glad you’re here.

Somebody tell a poop joke to break up this mush-fest, jeez!

Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.


FRIDAY: Ruby Hill Park 530/615

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