All The Way Up & Friday Plans (VB)

Let’s talk about Wednesday first and then we will get to the Friday plans (hype).

Wednesday May 9th 2018, we bounced up top then headed down to the playground. There we found a partner. For those that had to stay on the playground first it was a spider web of different body weight workouts while your partner ran the goat trail loop up to the top, once they completed the loop back down the stairs to the playground. They found you & then SWITCH. Your turn!

If you build it, they will come. Check out Briar crushing those mountain climbers!

Dolores gave the #HardHatAward to Pete! Pete is now at least a two time Hard Hat Award Winner! Congrats Pete! Speaking of Pete Check out #2 in your Wednesday Wisconsin Notes below.

Your Wednesday Wisconsin Notes:

  1. May Recruitment Challenge is underway and y’all are crushing it — we had at least 5 newbies today! and we’ve guilted a few of our OG to come back! It is always good to see familiar faces and to make the new ones feel welcomed. So thank you for being awesome!
  2. Night at the Aquarium: special event courtesy of tribe member Pete with Rose & Womble. Save the date for a mini family friendly workout and private access to the VB Aquarium on Thursday 5/17 6PM
  3. We surround our longtime friend Herb with lots of love after the passing of his father this past weekend. Service 5/11 @ 6PM – details will be posted to the #NP_VB bulletin board. 
  4. Friday: SANDBRIDGE! Endless Summer workout and the official Briar Sendoff at The Sandbridge Seaside Market 530AM Start with the famous market donuts to follow!

See y’all Friday!

Love Red



Oh, you kept scrolling ? Good.

Here is the bonus blog within the blog #blogception.

I wanna take a moment to give a shoutout to Briar. Briar is an OG from our early 2015 days of #NP_VB. He has seen us grow from a small tribe to a steady consistent movement within the NP world. At the same time we have seen Briar grow into the man he is today. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and has a great outlook on life.

2015 Briar Below

Briar has also helped us out in the #VirtualViBes department. He was our photographer for the Crate Escape 2.0 & for our 3rd Birthday Yearbook photos. He currently has been making the commute all the way from Sandbridge! Dude has dedication! So we promised him before he takes off for the West Coast (more details on his adventure later) we would have a workout in his neck of the woods. So if you can, please join us Friday @ 530AM we will be meeting at the Sandbridge Seaside Market!

2017 Briar Below

In a few short days he will be getting into a Van and heading for the West Coast. This trip will be awesome and we know that once he hits that California sunshine he might not ever come back.

Him and his boys have started a VLOG. Check it out. They have a plan with stops to Never Stop Exploring. They will be rock climbing, national park exploring, and visit friends along the way. Feel free to follow them on their journey! BUT in the meantime let’s give Briar a sendoff workout that he’ll remember forever (and then join us all for donuts.)



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